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Serial Killer’s Aren’t Born, They Are Made.

Posted on Jul 28, 2015 by in Secret Obsession With Serial Killers | 0 comments

After high school I plan to attend a community college for two years before transferring to a four-year university. I want to major in psychology with a minor in business so I can one day open my own practice with the intention of preventing serial killers.


There are so many abused children today and unfortunately most of the signs indicating their abuse aren’t noticed until it’s too late. Abusive guardians are, usually inadvertently, teaching their children to be serial killers. The abuse these children suffer is never forgotten and continues to haunt them through adulthood.


One of the main causes of serial murders is people trying to fight a “surrogate”; a person to whom your rage is directed. Often, this person is the one who inflicted the childhood abuse. If the abuser is out of reach, or unable to be killed, the person will seek out a surrogate who resembles the abuser in some manner. Being able to kill this person gives the serial killer a high, but no high can compare to their first kill, so they will continue to kill as they seek out more ‘highs’.


The foster system is one of the main producers of serial killers. Many of the guardians in the foster care system are only getting children for the welfare checks they receive, and they don’t really care about the children at all. The children live in abusive households, making them withdrawn at school and socially, and unfortunately these kinds of children are bullies’ favorite targets. These kids go through immense abuse at home and then go to school only to receive much the same kind of torment. Our society is building serial killers and we don’t even realize it. Unfortunately very few people are able to pick up on these signs, and the child continues to go unnoticed. The serial killer will begin to live in their own world. In this world they build fantasies about being noticed and proceed to find ways to make these fantasies reality. Serial killers will practice their trait before moving onto the real thing. Most start with animal violence or home invasions until their skills are honed, at which point they will choose a victim. Victimology is a very important part of a serial killer’s M.O., they will meticulously choose the perfect specimen, or victim, the person who reminds them the most of the source of their anger.


It is very important to give those abused kids an outlet, a place where they can feel safe; and that’s what my practice will be about. The troubled kids can come to me and I will help them before it’s too late. It’s also important for teachers and case workers to be trained to recognize the behavior of a serial killer before they’ve started killing. With teachers knowing the signs it will be much easier to pinpoint the kids that need help. No child is born a serial killer’ serial killers are created by neglect and abuse. I don’t want to see another child grow up to be a murderer because the system did them wrong. I hope to help as many kids as possible before the end of my career.

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